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We have the TECHNOLOGY!

Norrizon’s cutting-edge proprietary technology provides intelligent insights into your business and control over operations, including account management, analytics and reports, customer response management, mobile retail sales communications, real-time data collection, sales force automation, automated shelf management, and smart inventory management system.

Norrizon provides strategic and tactical consultation in developing customized solutions

Our business intelligence turns data into knowledge and insights

Our innovative Sales Information technology puts Norrizon at the forefront in the industry.

Norrizon is recognized as a trailblazer in sales information technology. We offer a full suite of leading-edge applications that are designed by salespeople, for salespeople:
  • Our web-based information management system provides up-to-date analytics and reports on the progress of your business. Learn more…
  • Our account management system is the most comprehensive, highly developed platform in the industry. Learn more…
  • Our mobile retail sales and communications application runs on iPads to simplify sales force automation (SFA), real-time data collection, and hassle-free product presentations. Learn more…
  • Our business solutions offer asset-tracking capabilities using radio frequency identification (RFID) to ensure inventory security and reduce out-of-stock issues. Learn more…
  • Our internal performance tracking and management system enforces benchmarks for effective deployment, targeted execution, and reduced costs. Learn how our business intelligence leads to success

Newton—Intranet and information management platform

Newton is a web-based communications center that lets you exchange information with us, analyze results, view reports, and keep up to date with retail execution and performance.

  • Data and document storage and sharing: raw data, pivot tables, business reviews, performance analyses, coverage planning, and more
  • Dual-permission security management
  •  Real-time key performance indicators and business drivers
  • Import/export capabilities with the client’s system


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NAMS—National account management system

NAMS is a proven account management system for tracking and sharing promotional information about client accounts in a fully integrated, web-based application.

  • Extensive drill-down technology for trade spend tracking and activities
  • Marketing, sales, and account planning
  • Listing management
  • Assignment and tracking of sales tasks and priorities


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N-Mobile – Wireless sales force automation (SFA) application

N-Mobile is the ideal tool for call reporting, product/sample ordering, collecting information and photos, and sending raw data via iOS devices.

  • Call notes, event reporting, and detail management
  • Retail outlet/contact management, including coverage expectations and execution
  • Easy presentation of marketing materials with no cumbersome baggage required (option to include video clips and sound clips is available)
  • Flexible order-taking capacity: direct orders securely transmitted to the client’s server; indirect orders transmitted to wholesalers; including option to collect buyers’ signature for validation/auditing/legal purposes
  • Hourly over-the-air transmission of collected performance data
  • All information backed up on Norrizon’s secure servers


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Smart Shelf and SIMS – Asset tracking systems

Powered by RFID, these innovative systems are economical, effective antidotes to out-of-stock (OOS) issues and organized retail crime (ORC).

With Smart Shelf, product sensors are installed in the retail store shelves, providing a simple yet reliable way to monitor shelf activity, prevent loss, and deter shoplifting:

  • Provides real-time information on in-stock items and their location
  • Instantaneous alert activated at the shelf level, with audio alarm capability and video capture to assist in surveillance methods
  • Proven read-rate accuracy with no need to tag individual items
  • OOS and ORC events are relayed to an Internet-based database and GUI, allowing the retailer to focus on fast-moving items and those most sensitive to loss or theft
SIMS (Smart Inventory Management System) ensures inventory control and security with no human intervention required, relying on RFID antennas and dual RFID tags that are installed in bins of loose, untagged products:

• Provides web-based real-time monitoring and updates on how supplies are used, delivering replenishment notifications automatically
• Eliminates out-of-stock, overstock and rush orders; ideal for date-sensitive items requiring first-in first-out (FIFO) handling
• Effectively manages supplies and valuable assets, improving both inventory management and staff productivity

• Particularly useful for hospitals and clinics, SIMS optimizes the supply chain in accordance with regulatory policies and administrative strategies

Our business intelligence makes it easy for you to succeed

Norrizon has a rare combination of leading-edge information services and technology with a strong people connection. We do more than get your business off the ground—we guide it to success!

Speed and effectiveness of execution:
Quickly ramp up your operation’s effectiveness. Build a strong impression at retail locations and say goodbye to out-of-stock or other distribution issues!

Informed decision making:
View key business drivers and market penetration by region in real time. Expand or change course rapidly, when you want to. Get the results you’ve always dreamed of!

Total control of data:
Access field information, orders, and intelligence. Get customized reports and business reviews. Exchange data between your system and ours. We give you full transparency!

Information security:
Access to and use of our applications is strictly controlled through highly secure user authentication and data encryption procedures. We stand behind them!

“A significant portion of our business is done at the retail level, where it is necessary for field representatives to provide information to pharmacists, perform various in-store merchandising, conduct price checks and out-of-stocks, while at the same time present promotions and sell programs …Norrizon has developed an excellent web-based system where the sales force can automatically be informed of the various priorities essential for the business. In addition, this same system allows them to automatically collect essential data and place orders with all wholesalers in Canada.”

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