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Norrizon has a broad range of job opportunities at various levels of the organization and in many major markets across Canada. Our success stems from that of our dedicated employees, who meet every new challenge with what it takes to succeed:

Join a team of focused professionals, passionate about the quality of their work and the services that they provide to clients, customers, partners, and colleagues.

Become a key player on an experienced team and benefit from the skills of seasoned experts in a premium outsourced sales and marketing environment.

Be a part of a growing company that is partner of choice in contributing to the success of large corporate brands and invests significantly in technology to provide winning business solutions.

A stimulating and supportive environment that allows for learning, growth, and success

Norrizon is a performance-driven organization and an equal opportunity employer with a sense of responsibility toward each one of its employees.

We teach you the ropesyou will receive enhanced on-the-job training, learn valuable techniques and benefit from our vast knowledge base.

We stand by you, and with our support you will achieve your full potential in executing your assigned duties, reaching and exceeding your targets, and continuously improving your success.

We recognize the unique skill set of each employee, and we will give you room to grow and to develop your own talents within the company.

We promote fair work opportunities and a healthy work/life balance through flexible work schedules. Fairness and equity are our guiding principles.

We are always looking for new talentoutstanding and professional people who have a drive for performance and reward.

We want you on our team if:
  • You are seeking new challenges, driven by results, and do what it takes to make a difference.
  • You are outgoing and dynamic with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • You are highly motivated, dedicated, and a conscientious team player with a positive attitude.

Start optimizing your career experience today!


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Norrizon is an equal opportunity employer with a broad range of exciting job opportunities. Full time, part-time and contractual positions are available, with opportunities in most major cities across Canada.

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