We provide full-service support for any or all of your marketing needs

Always striving to maximize your results with:
  • Innovative business strategies
  • Effective marketing and media planning
  • Impactful branding and advertising
  • Creative promotional material
  • Stand-out product development and packaging
  • Cutting-edge website design and hosting

Whether you are launching a new product or looking to grow an established business, we can help you succeed.

We provide full-service support for any or all of your marketing needs

Our customized tactical solutions target the “4 Ps” of shrewd marketing

Product: We understand what consumers want, and we are experts in honing a product mix to target their needs. Our product development strategies will establish your products in the marketplace and maximize their lifecycle.

Price: We assist you in setting up a price range and elasticity that encourage high-volume demand—essential to business profits and longevity—while remaining sensitive to the customer’s perceived value of your product.

Place: Our trusted distribution channels throughout North America, RFID-based asset tracking, and automated inventory management system ensure that your product is conveniently accessible to customers and in stock at all times.

Promotion: We have the know-how to generate product recognition and make your product stand out from the rest. From product packaging to advertising, product detailing to digital marketing, our multi-faceted approach is unique and effective.

Get concrete results without increasing your organizational headcount

  • Exceptional marketing professionals are on board every step of the way with in-depth expertise and experience
  • Norrizon’s proprietary Sales Information technology manages the details and provides you with real-time results and business intelligence
  • Complete transparency to business activity through reports and face-to-face business reviews, scheduled according to your needs

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