NAMS – National Account Management System

NAMS – National Account Management System

A CRM tool that can be fully operational in less than 30 days. Users able to build live data after only 4 hours of training

NAMS is an integrated, simple to use, account management system that facilitates exemplary Account Exec performance … and feeds the organization with rich data & insights enabling enterprise informed decision making.

Sales Management

  • Manage product listings, forecasting, promotional planning and promotional budget
  • Extensive drill-down technology
  • Assign/track sales tasks and priorities

Data Management

  • Data access – Database structure allows for excel export capabilities for powerful analytics e.g. promotional ROI
  • Data access – product / sku macro and micro visibility to trend and promotional lift


  • Visibility to committed / available budgets
  • Visibility to all customer claims through the approval and payment process
  • Visibility to monthly promo accrual requirements
  • User / Date / Time stamped activity tracking for approval process
  • Digital archive of all customer claims processed


  • 24/7 web access with controlled user permission profiles
  • A stand alone CRM tool that shares data (Upload and Downloads) using safe, proven, tested methods like excel and flat files

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