NeWave® Sensor Solutions Canada and SLS to expand partnership in Canada

NeWave® Sensor Solutions, LLC has partnered with Smart Label Solutions (SLS) to offer SLS’s
unique portal design to the Canadian market.

“The beauty of this portal is in the simplicity and speed of installation. In the time it takes to install a traditional portal, we can install four smartPORTALS™ that start sending data as soon as they’re plugged in.”

Kevin Schiissler, Managing Partner of NeWave Sensor Solutions Canada.

Unlike many RFID technologies, the SLS RFID smartPORTAL is designed to be installed in harsh industrial environments. Ideal for monitoring inventory at loading docks, each enclosure features two 5 foot embedded Wave® Antennas constructed with extruded aluminum that is anchored to the concrete floor. The enclosures include antenna back-planes to ensure that readings are always accurate.

NeWave’s patented Wave Antenna embodies a radically new concept in RFID antenna design. Unlike a patch antenna that radiates a single beam in a given direction, the Wave Antenna is designed to uniformly illuminate a volume of space. When installed in pairs, the antennas provide complete coverage of the choke point, allowing them to read tags in all three tag orientations.

NeWave is excited to offer this unparalleled method of inventory tracking to companies across a variety of verticals – including Canada’s automotive and aviation industries. NeWave Sensor Solutions Canada is actively installing smartPORTAL through the balance of 2016.

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