NAMS – National Account Management System

A CRM tool that can be fully operational in less than 30 days. Users able to build live data after only 4 hours of training NAMS is an integrated, simple to use, account management system that facilitates exemplary Account Exec performance … and feeds the organization with rich data & insights enabling enterprise informed decision making. Sales Management Manage product listings, forecasting, promotional planning and promotional budget Extensive drill-down technology Assign/track sales tasks and priorities Data Management Data access – Database structure allows for excel export capabilities for powerful analytics e.g. promotional ROI Data access – product / sku macro and micro visibility to trend and promotional lift Visibility Visibility to committed / available budgets Visibility to all customer claims through the approval and payment process Visibility to monthly promo accrual requirements User / Date / Time stamped activity tracking for approval process Digital archive of all customer claims processed Additional 24/7 web access with controlled user permission profiles A stand alone CRM tool that shares data (Upload and Downloads) using safe, proven, tested methods like excel and flat files Download... read more

Marketing Outsourced, partially or completely.

Did you know that Norrizon Sales & Marketing provides full-service support for any or all of your marketing needs? Always striving to maximize your results, we can support our clients with: Innovative business strategies Effective marketing and media planning Impactful branding and advertising Creative promotional material Stand-out product development and packaging Setting-up and managing a high-performance loyalty program “CRM” Designing and leading insightful consumer research KPI measurement and tracking Whether you are launching a new pharmaceutical, health or beauty product, or are looking to grow an established business, we have the know-how to help you succeed. GET A... read more

Retail execution at it’s best.

Are you satisfied with the execution of your retail in-store programs? Do you have an upcoming promotion that requires special and dedicated retail efforts? Norrizon is Canada`s premier executor of in-store bookings and bulletins in pharma, health and beauty industries. Our seasoned team of sales representatives across Canada have direct access to key in-store personnel to sell your promotion and get it where you want it to go, in each store. Using our proprietary N-Mobile technology, we can execute any in-store program quickly and efficiently. GET A QUOTE NOW!  ... read more

Norrizon launches a new website

See why the Norrizon Sales & Marketing Group has achieved recognition as a pre-eminent service provider, specializing in optimizing results in partnership with pharmaceutical, medical devices, consumer healthcare, natural health products, and beauty organizations. read more

Appointment of a new President: Ted Harvey

Norrizon is pleased to announce the appointment of a new President, Ted Harvey. As of December 1st, 2014, Ted has transitioned from a leadership role of the NorrizonRx business unit to President of Norrizon Sales & Marketing company. In this new role, Ted will be focused on the execution of our strategies across the organization. Ted has held senior positions across all functional Norrizon Sales and Marketing departments. Ted is uniquely qualified for this position due to his extensive experience and understanding of both the health and beauty markets. His charismatic leadership style will affect positive change internally and inspire entrepreneurial spirit. He is focused on continued efforts in optimizing people, process & technology that will drive client and customer success and lead Norrizon to the next level. Ted reports to Kevin Schiissler, Chairman &... read more

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