Pharma Sales

Our turnkey sales solutions are flexible and effective

  • We successfully execute customized product/service promotions to primary-care or specialty healthcare professionals
  • Launched in 2007 to support clients in delivering physician education and demand creation through evidence-based detailing
  • A specialized sales and marketing organization focused on driving sales performance by educating and providing solutions to healthcare professionals on its clients’ behalf
  • Face-to-face product detail/sales calls as per client’s specific objectives and resource requirements
  • Seasoned professional representatives who execute as a high-performance team; high achievers with records of success—all with the need to overcome challenges and produce winning results
  • Leverage insight to physician regional penetration, frequency, and metrics through automated call report tracking, patient marketing materials, distribution management, and customized reporting
  • Real-time, informed decision making based on overnight availability of data
  • Insight into physician objections and challenges enabling immediate course correction and resolution
  • Insight into effectiveness of selling message, detail aids, clinical evidence, and other patient tools in real time
  • Optimize business results by engaging our sales team to support selling efforts as a stand-alone execution or as a supplement to an existing team:
    • New indication
    • Seasonal promotion
    • Product launch
    • Maximizing ROI on established brands
    • New or expanded professional targets
    • Regional execution
    • Relaunch product
    • Neutralize competition
    • Reposition brand or selling message
    • Backfill vacancies or leaves
Our turnkey sales solutions are flexible and effective

Select the ideal type of sales force to represent your product line

Syndicated/shared representation:

Where a small group of non-competing clients share the same needs, they can be serviced within a business division that shares the related administrative and field management tasks.

  • Allows adjustment of the market focus with minimum turnaround time
  • Resources can be added quickly if incremental services are required

Dedicated representation:

If you prefer, we can provide a dedicated sales force that handles your execution and priorities to the exclusion of all others. Our representatives devote their time entirely to your business and become specialists in meeting your needs.

  • Dramatically reduces costs for our clients
  • Takes advantage of the strong relationships that our sales representatives have established with the retailers’ pharmacists, storefront personnel, and other key resources
  • Provides increased flexibility, so that we can easily ramp up sales force hours to address any last-minute needs for sales or services

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